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In-House Tournament Results

Marra and staff would like to thank everyone who came out and supported Saturday’s In-House Tournament. Here are the results:

Kids 6-7 yrs old (Boys)

1. James Starr

2. Pierce Amato

Kids 6-7 yrs old (Girls)

1. Abigile Salazar

2. Grace Williams

Kids 9-11 yrs old

1. Aiden DeLeon

2. Rob Williams

3. Matthew Torres

3. Joseph Lopez

Kids 11-12 yrs old

1. Xavier Puytorac

2. Christian Flores

3. Ross Ortega

3. Avalon Haben

Teen 13-15 yrs old

1. Corey Copeland

2. Julie Puytorac

3. Josiah Haben

3. Avalon Haben

Female White Belt

1. Denys Estopier

2. Julie Puytorac

3. Laurence Puytorac

Adult White Belt under 170lbs

1. Jacob Hull

2. Jose Juarez

3. Aaron Johnson

3. Joshua Cirilo

Adult White Belt over 184lbs

1. Robert Dunlap

2. Brent Edelman

3. John Paul Gauna

3. Rick Figeroa

Blue Belt Open

1. Eric Hallier

2. Alberto De Silva

3. Chris Kuntschik

Pictures from the tournament can be found HERE:

  1. Bill
    11/21/2010 at 9:26 pm

    Good job all!!!

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