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New Belts Awarded during our Holiday Celebration

Tonight was fantastic night for the Marra Senki Family. Our year end Promotion and Holiday Celebration was a HUGE SUCCESS and everyone in attendance seemed to have a really good time.

During the promotion portion…lots of students received their well earned stripes. For a select few, they reached an even larger milestone as they achieved their next belt rank.  We would like to say Major Congrats to the following:

New Yellow Belts:

– Ben Bowland

– Corey Copeland

New Blue Belts:

– Robert Giles-Dunlap

– Jacob Hull

– Phillip “Jimmy” Moreno

– Nicolas Ramirez

– Gregorio Reyes

– Ronnie Sali

New Purple Belts:

– Riad Freijy

– Marcos Garcia

– James Walker

We would also like to congratulate the following who received their “official” Instructor Certificate under Marra.

– Gustavo Caprio

– Gabriel Fuentes

– Paul Haben

– Jason Yerrington

Again we would like to thank ALL of our students for our BEST year yet!

2011 will be AWESOME!!!

Pics from the Celebration will be posted in the next few days…

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