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Prof. Marra Brazil Visit Part 1

For those that do not know, Prof. Marra is currently in Brazil visiting his academies and conducting classes and seminars daily.  Here is a brief synopsis of his trip so far…

Marra arrived in South Brazil on Tuesday July 19th. His first stop was to visit the Marra Senki Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Sao Leopaldo.  This is Marra’s first Academy  and was originally opened in 1997.  This academy is currently celebrating its 14th year and a Grand re-opening in a New Location!  Marra was proud to be able to attend this celebration in person with all of his instructors and students!

The first of four days included promotions of the following students:
Claudemilson de Bortoli – Black Belt
Marco Antonio Quagliani – Black Belt
Fabio Cunha Dornel – Purple Belt
Vinicius Ferreira – Blue Belt
Fabricio Mateus Mello – Blue Belt
Eduardo Cunha Pereira – Blue Belt
Andre Ellwanger – Black Belt – Second Degree
There after,
Thursday consisted of hard training and the remaining promotions listed above.
More classes…later to be met by the Brazilian Sports T.V. channel in the new academy to interview Prof. Marra. During the interview they talked and celebrated Marra’s recent accomplishments including his induction to the Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2010 as Most Achieved International competitor, Celebration of his recent GOLD medal and belt achieved at NAGA and of course the growth of the Sao Paolu academy which was the FIRST BJJ academy to open in the area.  

Saturday was celebrated with a large reception in the academy, with family and friends invited to enjoy appetizers, and socialize amongst their BJJ friends & instructors!

Sunday…no rest and training continued!!! Marra conducted a four-hour seminar of which 43 students attended!
Monday morning Marra flew back to Rio, but stopped en route to meet with the local radio station and talked about his last week and the celebration!
Marra would like to let everyone know how proud he is of his instructors and students and the accomplishments and growth of his original academy and hopes to mimic its path here in San Antonio.

More about Marra’s trip will posted soon in Part 2. 

A few pictures from Marra’s trip can be found HERE

Don’t forget…we will be celebrating Marra’s move to San Antonio & his gift of teaching us the Art of BJJ which started here 5 years ago this year next month.  To do this Marra will do a seminar HIMSELF… August 20th Sat from 10-1,( $50 Marra Senki Association / $ 60.00 General registration ) at the San Pedro Location to review the teachings we have all learned to love ( and hate )!!!  Let’s all be there to show Marra the support he has given us over the years! More details on this event will be posted soon.

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