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BIG DAY at Marra Senki: New Black Belt, Half Guard and MORE!!

Today (July 21) was a FUN filled day at the Marra Senki HQ Academy!!

The day started out with a 3+ hour seminar covering aspects of the Half Guard. The seminar was taught by Prof. Marra who showed several strategies and some new set-ups and sweeps from Brazil.  Everyone who attended left with an overload of information.

Pics from the Half Guard seminar can be found HERE!  Courtesy of Robert DeLeon

After the seminar, the summer promotion ceremony began. Lots of students received their well-earned stripes showing their progression within their current rank.  A select few were awarded their next rank…

We would like to say Major Congrats to the following students on earning their next rank:

Jose “Red” Suarez to BLUE Belt

Sam Guzman to PURPLE Belt

Bill Waller to BROWN Belt

Gabriel Fuentes to BROWN Belt

In addition, RENATA LOPES was awarded the coveted BLACK BELT. Renata made Marra Senki BJJ History by becoming the First Female to earn all her ranks through Marra. Which is a HUGE accomplishment.

Marra and the Marra Senki Academy would like to say Thank You to everyone who came out and supported this great day!!

See you on the Mats!!!

More Pics from the Promotion Ceremony can be found HERE!!  Courtesy of Robert DeLeon

Sam Guzman/Purple, Renata Lopes/Black, Gustavo, Marra, Bill Waller/Brown, Jose “Red” Suarez/Blue, Gabriel Fuentes/Brown


(Click pics for larger versions)

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