2012 Summer Marra Senki Inter-Academy Tournament RESULTS

Marra would like to thank all the students who came out on saturday and participated in the 2012 Summer Marra Senki BJJ Inter-Academy Tournament. Great heart and technique was shown by ALL those that competed. Special thanks goes out to the support of our affilate schools Haben Martial Arts (HMA), Ohana Jiu-Jitsu, and Dominion Martial Arts. All had strong showings and showed that Marra Senki Jiu-Jitsu is spreading throughout San Antonio.


Kids Group 1
Bryan Orange (MS) – Gold
Bry Anna Orange (MS) – Silver
Kids Group 2 (Girls)
(All 3 girls tied for Gold!)
Carmen Guana (MS)
Myla Rudd (MS)
Abby Salazar (MS)
Kids Group 2 (Boys)
Nathan Jacobson (HMA) – Gold
Thomas Rudd (MS) – Silver
Zarek Holley (HMA) – Bronze
Victor Padilla (MS) – Bronze
Kids Group 3
Michael Spurlock (Ohana) – Gold
Matthew Spurlock (Ohana) – Silver
Mason Gruenwaldt (HMA) – Bronze
David Zawlocki (Ohana) – Bronze
Kids Group 4
Evan Perez (MS) – Gold
Collin Perez (MS) – Silver
Canyon Howard (MS) – Bronze
Kids Group 5
Brodie Freijy (MS) – Gold
Robert Hernandez (MS) – Silver
Erin Feely (HMA) – Bronze
Iverson White (Ohana) – Bronze
David Mason (HMA) – Gold
Chris Marchini (HMA) – Silver
Giovanni Marchini (HMA) – Bronze
Alex Robeck (HMA) – Bronze
Judah Rodriguez (Dominion) – Bronze
Adult Lightweight White
Jacob Garza (HMA) – Gold
Justin Kohl (MS) – Silver
Adult Heavyweight White
Danny Naselli (MS) – Gold
Michael Garza (HMA) – Silver
Master White
Carlo Cerna (MS) – Gold
James Delaney (HMA) – Silver
Adult Blue
Jose ‘Red’ Juarez (MS) – Gold
John Paul Guana (MS) – Silver
Robert Grace (Dominion) – Bronze
Jerry Musquiz (Dominion) – Bronze

(Click pics for larger versions)

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