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Promotions!!! Many stripes, several new colors & 2 NEW BLACK BELTS

Marra BB

Gustavo, Jason, Bill, Marra

Friday, December 20th, the Marra Senki HQ Academy hosted the annual year end Promotion/Holiday Celebration.

Several well earned stripes were given out today and the following people earned their new colors.


Black Belt

Bill Waller (Marra’s FIRST American Homegrown Blackbelt (white to black))

Jason Yerrington


Brown Belt

Shon Diaz

James Walker


Purple Belt

James Curll

Eloy Esquivel

Rick Figueroa

Armando Martinez

Jimmy Moreno

Adrian Sanchez


Blue Belt

Carlo Cerna

James Delaney

Tiffanie Diaz

Jacob Garza

Michael Garza

Josiah Haben

Michael Monroe



Christian Flores – Orange

Nate Jacobson – Orange

Liam Monroe – Orange

Mason Gruenwaldt – Yellow

Zarek Holley – Yellow

Noah Herring – Yellow

Ethan Jacks – Yellow

Kaitlynne Patton – Yellow

Tyler Price – Yellow

Abbigail Salazar – Yellow

Michael Barron – Grey/Black

Paul Griffith – Grey/Black

Camila Miranda – Grey/Black

Trajan Falk – Grey

Huntleigh Morast – Grey

Dylan Thomason – Grey

Thorin Thomason – Grey

Jacob West – Grey

Major Congrats to everyone!!

We would like to thank everyone who was able to come out and participate in this event.  Marra would also like to personally say ‘Thank You” to everyone who helped support and/or was part of the Marra Senki family in 2013 and he looks forward to seeing 2014 as our BIGGEST year yet!!

As a reminder…

There will be NO CLASSES during the holidays. Classes will start back up on Monday, January 6, 2014.

We wish all of our Marra Senki Family and Friends a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.

A few pics from the promotion ceremony can be found HERE!!  Photos courtesy of Robert Deleon

Marra 2013

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