MSA Competition Team IBJJF Austin Open Results!!


Professor Marra and all the coaches would like to congratulate everyone that competed yesterday at the Austin Open! Great heart and technique was shown by ALL!!

Here are the medal winners from the event:

CARLOS SILVA – BRONZE – White Belt/Master 1/Light Feather
JIMMY L. WILLINGHAM – GOLD – White Belt/Master 2/Middle
TRACEY LEWIS – GOLD – White Belt/Master 2/Heavy
ANDREA LANZEN – GOLD- Blue Belt/Adult/Female/Medium Heavy & BRONZE- Blue Belt/Adult/Female/Open
VICTOR MORENO– SILVER – Blue Belt/Master 1/Heavy
JOSE ESPINOZA – BRONZE- Blue Belt/Master 2/Feather
JUAN PABLO GAUNA – GOLD – Blue Belt/Master 2/Medium Heavy
REINALDO OSORIA – SILVER – Purple Belt/Master 1/Middle
RICHARD FIGUEROA – SILVER – Purple Belt/Master 3/Medium Heavy
ARMANDO MARTINEZ – SILVER- Purple Belt/Master 4/Super Heavy & SILVER – Purple Belt/ Master 4/Open
JASON YERRINGTON – SILVER- Black Belt/Master 1/Ultra Heavy

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