2015 Marra Senki HQ Promotions!!!

Group 2

The Marra Senki HQ Academy is proud to announce the following belt promotions that took place at the annual Promotion Ceremony:
Paul Haben – Black
Jacob Hull – Brown
San Guzman – Brown
Daniel Nasseli – Purple
John Pablo Gauna – Purple
Robert Rosati – Blue
Chris McCulloch – Blue
Jimmy Willingham – Blue
Daniel Damasceno – Blue
Matt Parkinson – Blue
Chris Ratabone – Blue
Matthew Mouldon – Blue
Christian Flores – Blue
Brodie Freijy – Green
 Inochi Martial Arts/Paul Haben
Zarek Holly – Yellow with Blk
Natalie Saenz – Grey with Wht.
Archer Price – Grey with Wht.
Blake Willingham – Grey with Wht.
Addison Garcia – Grey with Wht.
Raegan Barnea – Grey with Wht.
Pauline Ortiz – Grey with Wht.
Like Hunter – Grey with Wht.
Special Award:
Kids: Best Athletic Results
Canyon Harward
-2015 IBJJF Kids Nationals Champion
Las Vegas, NV
-2015 IBJJF Kids International Open Champion, Irvine CA
Special Award:
Adults: Best Athletic Results
Bill Waller
2015 IBJJF NO GI Black Belt Champion
NOTE 1* There were two promotions that weren’t given out tonight due to students having other commitments. These will be announced once they happen.
Marra and the MSA Staff would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE who received stripes and new belts.  They were well earned and very much deserved. 

As a reminder we will be having classes through the remainder of this week.

The Marra Senki HQ Academy will be CLOSED for the Holidays beginning December 19, 2015 thru January 3, 2016.

We wish everyone a very safe and wonderful holidays!!!

Classes will resume on Monday, January 4, 2016.

Note 2* Keep an eye out on our Marra Senki Facebook page. There will be a few unscheduled classes/open mats times announced that will take place during the holidays that some of our senior belts will be running.

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